Frequently Asked Questions about transcriptions

Frequently Asked Questions about transcriptions

How Long Does Transcription Take?

Mulberry Studio is committed to delivering your project in the timeframe you request. It’s best to be as specefic on your general transcription request so our team can give you an accurate timeframe that works best. Remember: we do not charge for rush fees!

Is Mulberry Studio up-to-date with the latest technology for transcribing our work?

Most definitely we are! We can receive your recording in any format. We have always been one of the leading transcription services to offer the latest technology available.How can you keep the cost of your transcriptions at such a competitive rate?Having been in the business for over four decades – and having a dedicated staff – we have developed a very efficient way to transcribe your work, with the highest accuracy you will find anywhere. We know that competitive cost and high quality are what keeps our clients coming back to Mulberry Studio for all their transcription work. With many transcript companies out in the market, we take pride in delivering high-quality experiences and results for our customers.

How do you keep the quality of your transcripts so consistently accurate?

Our clients have diverse backgrounds, as does our staff. Mulberry Studio believes in pairing staff with project. We also take time in training our staff to use all resources available to produce the best transcriptions possible. We focus on delivering high-quality results for our customers. Many of our clients will ask questions like “how long does it take to transcribe an audio minute into text”, but our results depend on many factors. Get in contact with us with the exact file so we can give you an accurate timeframe on when the project can be completed.

What Type of Transcription Services Do You Provide

Here at Mulberry Studio, we offer a wide range of transcription services. The most popular requests we receive from our customers are audio transcription services and video to text transcription services. We also handle other types of transcription service requests, so get in contact us with your specific need!

Will I always be given a quote for my project?

Absolutely. At the start of a project you will be given a range and a dollar estimate. Get you free estimate now!

What Does a Transcriptionist Do?

The definition of a transcriptionist is someone who is able to record and covert files into a text format. There are many types of files that a professional can transcribe including but not limited to video, audio, interviews, podcast, and so much more. A common phrase in our field of work is dealing in the service of speech to text.

Can you put in time codes?

Of course we can. Many of our clients are producers and writers. Time codes are an essential part of the transcript. We have devised an efficient and expedient way to include them in your transcript.

Is Mulberry Studio on social media?

You bet! You can follow and stay in touch with Mulberry on FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Get in touch through our form, drop us a note at: info[at] or call toll free at 1-800.886.4996, or locally at 617.864.6693: we will happily provide you with all the information and details you require!