Video to Text Transcriptions

What is Video Transcription?

You may be asking yourself what is transcribing a video and how can it help my business? The meaning of professional video transcription is the process of transcribing the audio (or visuals) of a video into text. There are many formats where people choose to have their videos transcribed into words. One common request we get here at Mulberry Studio is around YouTube Video Transcription.

Best Transcribe Video to Text Service

Here at Mulberry Studio, we’ve been transcribing videos to text using speech recognition for our customers for the past few decades with high-quality precision. We offer a quick turnaround time for our transcribed videos for you to enjoy. Our talented team of professional transcription specialists guarantees a high level of quality completed transcriptions each time.

Some common transcript options we offer to our customers include transcribing audio, video audio and on-screen text, and video audio with time encoding. We offer these three types of services to best match what our customers are looking for.

A video-audio only means we transcribe the conversation and dialogue in the video. The video audio and on-screen option include the written transcription below the video along with subtitles on the video screen. The video audio and time coding include time coding of the video so people can find the exact part of the video they want to listen to.

Video Transcript Examples

Most common video files we transcribe include conferences, lectures, meeting notes, interviews, and more. If you ever wondered how to get a transcript of a video, or where to find a speech to text video transcription provider, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your video recordings were shot on an iPhone, Android, or some other type of device, we’ve got you covered. Our professional transcriptionists are skilled in many video formats, so we’ve got you covered. We can decipher your content regardless on what the background noise is, so don’t worry if the audio quality is not 100%.

What are the Benefits to Transcribing Videos?


Transcribed videos can help grow the SEO (search engine optimization) performance of your website. Search engines like Google and Bing can’t fully understand all the context in a video. Video descriptions and transcriptions of a video can allow both search engines to read and fully understand all the content in the video. By giving Google and Bing the written context below a video, you can expect a boost in organic ranks because there is more substance for both engines to crawl and understand.

One company that utilizes transcribed videos for SEO purposes is Moz. Moz is an SEO software company based in Seattle that relies on video content to engage with their audience. You will notice that all their whiteboard Friday video content has a full written text below the video. This written text beneath the video allows Google and Bing to rank their content higher in their search results compared to their rivals who don’t use this approach. Moz and their audience believe that giving this type of choice leads to a better user experience since you can consume information in more ways.


Everyone should enjoy video content on the web. People who may have a harder time hearing can still consume video content with just a few simple changes. Adding closed captions or a written text underneath the video can give everyone the ability to consume and absorb the information more easily.

Non-Native Language Speaker

One added benefit to having text transcribed in a video is to help people who are new to that language. A transcript of the video can be used as a guide for people who need to have written content to follow along in a video. The visuals of text on a video can help assist people to understand a new language.


The user experience should be front and center when thinking of a way to engage with your audience. Everyone learns differently, so giving more than one option to absorb and consume information can have a positive impact. Having the written transcription on a webpage can allow people to quickly search and find the keywords that are most important for them.

Get Started Now

Whether you are looking to upload files or speak to us with general questions, we are here for you. Mulberry Studio has been in business since 1974 serving its customer with high-quality transcriptions. We have a quick turnaround, and our audience highly recommends us to their friends and colleagues. Head over to our contact section and let us know the video format that you would like assistance with. Our customer service team will be in contact with you soon!

If you are looking for audio transcriptions, we offer that too!