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MULBERRY STUDIO is an international transcription service providing precise, intelligent and timely transcripts at very competitive rates. We are experts in all fields because our team of transcriptionists is comprised of professionals with varied backgrounds. Your project’s subject will be matched to an expert in that field. This is a unique service unsurpassed in the industry. It guarantees you the best transcription possible.

The industries we work with are Business, Media, Academia, Finance, Technology, Medical… just to name a few. Working on a qualitative research project, writing an oral history, creating a film, writing a book, hosting a podcast … we are the professional service you need to contact.



Confidentiality is very important to us, and we can guarantee 100% privacy. In all our years of business, there has never been a breach in confidentiality. Now that is saying something important about Mulberry Studio.



At the competitive rate of $90 minimum per recorded 60 minutes you will receive the best transcription possible. All deadlines are client-driven. Unlike most of our competitors, Mulberry Studio does not charge any rush fees.

To receive a quote from us, go to “Get a Quote” and we will respond quickly to your request.

To upload your files, go to “Sending Your Files” and we will respond quickly to your request.

Audio to text transcription / Video to text transcription

We are here at your service…

images - MulberryStudio: about us

For more than forty years, we have earned respect and trust of clients from various industries by being the best online transcription company in Boston, MA. We provide the most accurate Cambridge transcriptions service experience each and every time via strong attention to detail. We don’t work for you, we work with you. Our certified team provides professional transcription services each and every time through our fast and reliable internet connection. Whether you work at home, have a work from home job, run a small business, or are at a large corporation, no project is too big or small for us to handle. Our flawless transcriptionists are a mix of part-time, freelance transcriptionists and experienced transcriptionists who bring decades of transcription experience knowledge and skill through their typing jobs. Our team members have completed the transcription test and are ready to deliver their best work to you today. Our online transcription services team of translation service members have comprehensive expertise in many disciplines which allows us to match our most knowledgeable expert with your subject material. We know time is precious, so our workflow has a fast turnaround time, reliable, and accurate always results. Whether it’s data entry, typing out audio minutes, audio hours, analyzing video files, audio files, or something else, we’ve got you covered. In addition to our very competitive rates, we may offer volume and first-time client discounts. Send us your project details for a free, accurate, up-front quote. Mulberry Studio transcription jobs transcribes from all media: mp3, mp4, .wav, WMA,DSS, .MOV to name a few. Secure, encrypted transfer of files can be delivered to us via our FTP site. For any information, drop us a note or call (toll-free 1-800.886.4996, local 1-617.864.6693) Mulberry Studio has been an American business since 1974 and works out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. No project is too large for us to handle, nor too small for us to accept. Along with our daily transcription reliability and professionalism, we adhere, at all times, to the strictest Privacy & Confidentiality Policy. If you are looking for precise transcriptions each and every time, you have come to the right place. We offer precise transcriptions everytime for our clients. Mulberry Studio has been providing transcribing services and transcription jobs to countless customers over the years. Let us transcribe your words into written format today.

Who We Are

MULBERRY STUDIO was established over 30 years ago with the goal of providing the highest quality transcripts to our valued clients. Over these years we have grown into one of the leading transcribers of the very important words of our clients.

Our philosophy is quite simple: To provide the best transcription services available, on time and within budget. We also adhere to strict guidelines of confidentiality by using secure, encrypted methods to transfer your transcription files.

We do not work for you; we work with you. In this time of automation, Mulberry Studio prides itself on a personalized approach to addressing the needs of our transcription clients. The professional transcriptionist(s) who is assigned your project will remain working with you until completion. This customized and unique way of doing business has been one of the reasons Mulberry Studio is chosen over our competitors.

Client testimonials speak for themselves. In choosing a transcribing service, reading testimonials of clients may be important. Reading reviews of staff who are employed by Mulberry Studio is equally important to understanding who we are in the world of transcription.

No job is too large to do, or too small to accept. We are available 24/7 to work with you on your transcription project.

Audio to text transcription / Video to text transcription

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Intelligent Transcripts

Mulberry Studio deploys the right people at the right time to shorten your time frame and hold down the cost. We match your work to our team’s expertise. Our precise transcription subject matter experts specialize in the fields of: technology, current events, science, film, finance, and medicine.

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Personalized Service

In this era of automation and assembly line processing, we build our reputation on putting the client first. We tailor our precise transcription services to meet your specific needs. Our philosophy is to create an environment of mutual trust and respect. We work hard at developing long-term relationships.

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Client-Driven Deadlines

Mulberry Studio works within your schedule. You set the deadline! We will do what it takes to provide a continuous flow of your transcripts, days, nights and weekends, to meet your project deadlines.

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Creative Problem Solving

By listening to your requests, we anticipate your next need and service. Our technology is state-of-the-art, our professional staff fluent in all our services, and our organization is flexible and adaptive.

Our Clients Say...

Colette H., Filmmaker

We have been working with Mulberry Studio for over a decade and we’re not sure what we’d do without them: they’ve become an important part of our filmmaking process! Mulberry…
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Greg S., Stone Communications

No improvement for Connie and her A-Team at Mulberry: they’ve always been first class.  Their transcriptions are accurate, and their customer service is wonderful.  I should kn…
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Deb B., Freelance Writer

I interview people in diverse academic and business fields from all over the world and have used Mulberry Studio’s transcribing services for over a decade. They are accurate, dea…
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Bob N., Filmmaker

Mulberry Studios is my go-to transcriber.  For over two decades they’ve been totally reliable for even the most difficult and time-critical documentary field production needs, a…
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Val L., Professor of Sociology

Mulberry Studio transcribed my dissertation interview data almost 20 years ago, plus over 100 interviews for my last book. The interviews for my next book are in their hands now. T…
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Dan O., Partner in Consulting Firm

We have been fortunate to work with Connie and her team for over a decade.  The quality of their work is always excellent, and we appreciate their flexibility when we have a tight…
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John D, Filmaker

“I have been relying on Mulberry Studio for almost 20 years now, and I find them to be the most professional, affordable and friendly transcription service out there. I’ve trie…
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T.F., Animator / Writer

“I’ve used Mulberry Studio for over 12 years, and they’ve consistently delivered carefully transcribed documents of the various interviews I’ve conducted. Uploa…
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D.S., Filmmaker

Working with Mulberry is always seamless – they are quick to respond and are so efficient. I’m always impressed with how quickly we can receive our transcripts, and they ar…
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J.K., Researcher

I’ve been very happy to work with Mulberry Studio for my transcriptions for the better part of a decade, submitting interviews of sometimes dubious quality about a huge range…
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